Dental Care

Here at your favorite High Point Veterinary Hospital, we consider dental cleaning to be an important factor in your pet’s quality of life. Your pet is as prone to dental disease as you are. (What if you couldn’t brush or floss?!) Tarter, gingivitis and decayed teeth are problems in animals as well. As gingivitis progresses, so does the severity of periodontal disease. This is painful. When your pet eats, their gums bleed and that bacterium is absorbed directly into the blood stream. This can cause serious infections throughout the body. It can affect the liver, kidneys and even the heart. Regular tooth brushing, dental checkups and routine cleaning can add 3 to 5 years to your pet’s life. Ask about VetzLife Oral Gel and the latest product Perio Support – you add to each meal to aid in preventing tarter and plaque buildup. It’s the best tarter preventive that we have seen. Also, check out our Pinterest page for helpful tips and videos.

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At Center Veterinary Hospital we are dedicated to providing the best health care options for you and your pet.

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