Our Team

Billie – Client Service Associate

Billie is our wonderful client service associate! She has been with us for 12 years and is the best at making sure our days run smoothly and our patients and clients are happy. She is the voice who greets you when you call our phone and the vibrant face who meets you at our door. Her adopted pets include a chihuahua named Junior, a Dachshund/Schnauzer mix named Mr. Snickers, and a cat named Harriet! Billie has a passion for client service and patient care. She is always willing to answer your questions and make sure you feel at ease when bringing your pet to come see us. 





Angela – Veterinary Assistant

Angela is one of our veterinary assistants who has worked in veterinary medicine since 1998. Not only does she help our veterinarian with appointments and surgeries, but she also keeps our hospital stocked! She has two cats named Sheldon and Midnight and one dog named Charlie. Angela is our go-to here at Center. She is proficient at what she does and has a passion for quality patient care! 


Tonia – Bather & Kennel Attendant

Tonia is one of our incredible kennel attendants who has been with us for the past 10 years. She feeds, bathes, medicates, and monitors your fur babies when you drop them off for boarding. She is the best at keeping your pets comfortable during their stay and is always diligent to communicate any ailments you pet may be experiencing to our veterinarian immediately. She has an adorable tri russel weenie dog named Roseanna. Tonia is an incredible asset to our team with a passion for what she does! 





Wanda – Groomer & Kennel Attendant

Wanda is our groomer as well as one of our kennel attendants. She has been working as a groomer for 17 years and is great at what she does! Not only does she give your pets great haircuts, but she is also great about reporting any hot spots, infected ears, or other ailments to the doctor. Wanda has a menagerie of adopted pets from pigs to kittens! She is passionate about animals and their well-being. We love having Wanda as part of our team here at Center!